Brand yourself

Just finished a book “The Dip” and one of the key ideas evangelize by the author is about making yourself as the best in your own industry, such that you can develop your desired career – a little bit easier. I am sure it is right and nothing is impossible – but nothing is easy as well. The very first difficult thing is how to tell other people you are one of the best in your industry.

In the world of Internet, one way to advertise yourself naturally is to brand yourself in the popular social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. All these social networks have a profile page that you can dress it up with good information about yourself. For example, you can include your friends’ recommendations in Linkedin and your interests / groups in Facebook. Both will let your friends or potential employers understand more about you.

And for Twitter, looks like not much you can do with its simple profile page. However, inspired by, you can actually beautify the background image of your Twitter profile and include some important information about your twits.

And, here is mine … how’s that ?

Twitter Profile

One-click greeting

Ages ago I was told sending a letter to your friends in festive seasons were better than just sending a greeting card. And since the dawn of Internet, people told me sending my greetings electronically via emails or e-Cards to my friends was the better and trendier way.

Then in recent years, we just sent out short messages via our mobile phone, or messaging software.

But just a couple of weeks ago, we didn’t send short messages, emails, and letter. All we did was just forward a tiny picture of (310 x 230 pixels), to a bunch of friends. We didn’t even need to enter the names of our friends, as we just did a “Select all” from the tool – Facebook.

From letter, to card, to e-Card, to short message, to one-click forward … it’s a lot easier, it’s effortless, but are we getting closer ?

Happy New Year

Cities my friend has visited

I admitted that I am not a fan of Facebook, but still I can learn something new from it once in a while. For example, there is one application in Facebook called “Cities I’ve visited” – you can tell (read … impress) your friends how many cities you’ve visited thru a Google Map interface. I suppose the more cities you pin down on the map, it means the more time (0r money) you have.

And here is a screen shot of one of my friend’s map – guess what … 826 cities in 92 countries … amazing !!

Peter’s map

Facebook Mania / Maniac

Sorry to the addicts of Facebook and my friends in the Facebook … I have to confess that I am not a fan of Facebook. I joined it around 6 months ago when it was not at all popular in town, mainly to connect to my MBA classmates … However, it looks like a hot site recently, for example, all the computer magazines in town had articles about Facebook two weeks ago.

To be honest, I still don’t quite “get it” … I am sure all those nifty and cute applications add a lot of fun … but why spend all the time to play around with those ? Many times, I think the Facebook emails in my inbox are as bad as those spam mails. May be one day it will have business applications in it and can replace all the tools around … then I will spend more time with Facebook.

On the other hand, if we see it from technical angle, Facebook did a great job to build the platform, open it up to application developers. And their recent mobile version is also pretty good … I just found it out during my stay in hospital 😎

Mobile Facebook