Brand yourself

Just finished a book “The Dip” and one of the key ideas evangelize by the author is about making yourself as the best in your own industry, such that you can develop your desired career – a little bit easier. I am sure it is right and nothing is impossible – but nothing is easy as well. The very first difficult thing is how to tell other people you are one of the best in your industry.

In the world of Internet, one way to advertise yourself naturally is to brand yourself in the popular social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. All these social networks have a profile page that you can dress it up with good information about yourself. For example, you can include your friends’ recommendations in Linkedin and your interests / groups in Facebook. Both will let your friends or potential employers understand more about you.

And for Twitter, looks like not much you can do with its simple profile page. However, inspired by, you can actually beautify the background image of your Twitter profile and include some important information about your twits.

And, here is mine … how’s that ?

Twitter Profile

In plain English

Really wanted to find a solution to take GTD with me even outside office and with no access to computer. The solution shall be the stuff that carry with me or I can easily access to – i.e. PDA / smartphone / phone and its software, notepad, stack of index cards, or remote voice mailbox etc. etc. … something that I can jot down the actions as efficient as possible.

One service I am evaluating closely for the moment is Twitter. The idea is to send an SMS with my phone to one Twitter account and then I can “follow” the tweets back in office. What is Twitter, you may ask ? Understand that some of you are living in another planet, so here is Twitter … in plain English, by Common Craft.