Entrepreneurial Proverbs

Yes, may be it’s a bit late to cross post this article, but I reckon it’s never too late to have something useful about how a geek can start up a business … especailly in a list of proverbs !!

And my favorite one is:

Jump when you are more excited than afraid — lack of fear is irrational, and too much fear is debilitating. Make the jump into your business when you have considered the fear, and come out more excited than afraid.

Here you go … Entrepreneurial Proverbs from O’Reilly. Enjoy and learn !!

I Know What I Did …

… in the last Year of Pig. Year 2007 is the Year of Pig, according to Chinese’s Lunar Calendar. Then I asked myself what happened in year 1995 (i.e. the last Year of Pig, 12 years apart) ?

Same to the “10 Years On …” post, I retrieved my back up CDs and I found my sites back in 1995, 1996 and 1998. They all had one thing in common though … they all looked like crap.

In fact, the 1995 version would link to a Java-enabled version (!) and one plain HTML version.

You see, I really like the tagline “Born to be wired”, back in 1995 😎

And here is the one from 1996.

Last but not least, the 1998 version – a very different approach.

A Good Governor vs a Good System

Our city is going to “elect” a new governor / Chief Executive in a month. Once again, after ten years we have such a “system”, the election is to be done behind a closed door – a door to be opened to a group of “election committee members” only.

Somehow we were told it is the best system for the city, but it is pretty obvious to me that each one of us in the city shall have a say on this … I still don’t understand why the city government and the so called experts keep dreaming that:

  • they can find and appoint a good governor to rule the city, but
  • not set up a good system to “elect” (by all citizens) the best person to rule the city (and kick out the bad person).

My Beloved Camera

Annouced three and a half years ago, Olympus E-1 is one of the best SLRs (and DSLRs) ever made. Most of the pictures you can find in this site and the gallery were shot with this great camera. And now its replacement will be announced in early March. Can’t wait …

But how good is the E-1 in the first place ? Check the following video out (in Korean though).

And you know, Olympus invented the Dust Remover …