What’s Next ? Widget ?

It all started from a very simple idea … put up something nifty in the sidebar of my blog. Of course, it is easy to put up Google adsense, Amazon Omakase, RSS etc … but what about something better, something easier to manage (in my blog) ? Like widgets ?

Since the good old days of Windows Active Desktop, Apple Dashboard, and Yahoo Konfabulator, widgets are really not new stuff. But we now have Vista sidebar gadgets, and after Newsweek declared 2007 is the year of widget, I am sure we will see a lot more about widgets.

However, what really really really caught my eye is the following blog post:

If you were going to invent the portal today, would you?

Just some excerpt …

My point is that all content needs to be loosed in the smallest particles possible (widgetised) – then it will reform itself into valid and relevant units, driven by the consumers of that content. One unspoken issue underlying this is the concept of ‘portal death’.

Check that blog post, check out the concept behind widget and widget sites like widgetbox.com … widget is going to change the Internet and the world again.