The Definitive Drucker – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 in The Definitive Druckeris about Innovation and Abandonment. Why “abandonment” ? It’s from the four basic questions about innovation by Peter:

  1. What do you have to abandon to create room for innovation ?
  2. Do you systematically seek opportunities ?
  3. Do you use a disciplined process for converting ideas into practical solutions ?
  4. Does your innovation strategy work well with your business strategy ?

Another heavy weight question in this chapter is: “If you weren’t already in the business, would you enter it today ? And, if the answer is no, what are you going to do about it ?”

Google Saves The Site

It’s really scary … I forgot how many times I upgraded my blog engine (you know from version 0.32 years ago to now version 1.2.1) but this time the installation procedure or myself screwed up. After upgrading the engine to the latest version last night, and ran the so-called “installation wizard”, all my blog posts were gone !! All disappeared … A dead website.

And because the upgrade is a minor one (from version 1.2.0 to 1.2.1), I did not backup the blog database before the upgrade … stupid me I suppose. All I got is a database backup in end March, even before the version 1.2.0. What could I do ?

  • Install back the old version (version 1.1.6);
  • Import the old data;
  • Search the latest blog post in Google;
  • From the result page, click the “Cached” link;
  • Found the web page cached image (with the latest blog posts’ text and pictures), and
  • Recreated all the blog posts from end March to mid April … one by one, from the Google image to the blog engine.

Now as you can see the site is back online … and Google saves the site.

The Definitive Drucker – Chapter 2

The title of this chapter is “The Customer: Joined at the Hip”, but what I like very much is the short brief of P&G in this chapter. By 1995, P&G was in deep trouble and the CEO was replaced. The new CEO decided to save the company by 1) Rapidly create new products and 2) Break up the bureaucracy through massive organizational changes – in effect, to create a cultural revolution.You probably think it was a good move, but what were Drucker’s comments to this ?

“… You’re still looking from the inside out, and the landscape you see is yesterday’s landscape.”

“And when you look from the outside in, it isn’t P&G that has changed. It’s the landscape that has changed.”

“… I don’t like the way you talk about changing the culture. My question is, how do you utilize your culture?

“When I look at your company, it represents enormous achievements. Your job is not to repudiate them, but to build them.

And to be proud of them. Otherwise you alienate far too many of your people and tell them you are no longer worth anything.”

“… And so I don’t like changing the culture. I like how we build on it for a changed world.”

I think all manages involving in Change Management shall buy this book …

I Only Care About You

This is the song I like most from singer the late Teresa Tang. I like the song so much that I even love all the cover versions. Found this cover version 11 years ago in a plane’s inflight entertainment system … so imagine how surprised I was when I found this MV in Youtube.

Other cover versions by Cass Phang, Faye Wong, William So, Joanna Wang and the original one …

The one by Cass Phang :

The one by Faye Wong :

The one by William So :

The one by Joanna Wang :

The original :

Salary Range

What would be your answer with such a survey question ?

Salary Range:

  • Be as specific or as unspecific as you wish.
  • For example, you could give a range of 20-30K, 30-40K etc.,
  • Or a comparison, e.g. “Less than a dentist my age but more than a bank manager.”
  • Or a subjective statement, e.g. “More than I expected, but less than I deserve.”

It’s not a joke, I got the survey form last week from my university … so I suppose my answer to that shall be “Less than I expected, but more than I deserve.”