One-click greeting

Ages ago I was told sending a letter to your friends in festive seasons were better than just sending a greeting card. And since the dawn of Internet, people told me sending my greetings electronically via emails or e-Cards to my friends was the better and trendier way.

Then in recent years, we just sent out short messages via our mobile phone, or messaging software.

But just a couple of weeks ago, we didn’t send short messages, emails, and letter. All we did was just forward a tiny picture of (310 x 230 pixels), to a bunch of friends. We didn’t even need to enter the names of our friends, as we just did a “Select all” from the tool – Facebook.

From letter, to card, to e-Card, to short message, to one-click forward … it’s a lot easier, it’s effortless, but are we getting closer ?

Happy New Year

$250 richer

What is a good customer services experience ? Here is one example …

As the owner of the Search Engine Marketing 1.0 by Dan Thies, I had a chance to upgrade to the version 2.0 with a discount. I therefore ordered the new book and it arrived yesterday. However, I found another book in the package – Web Design Business Kit 2.0 (worth US$ 250). Oooops …

So I sent an email to their customer services about this and here is their reply this morning:

I am sorry to hear that you received the incorrect title. I have contacted our warehouse and asked them to reship the correct item to you.

As compensation for the error please feel free to keep The Web Design Business Kit or perhaps pass it onto a friend or colleague or even the local library or school. Again, I am sorry for the error and any inconvenience.

Oh I am just US$ 250 richer today … 😎

sem2.jpg wdb2.jpg