Kindle 2 vs. Kindle DX

As a Kindle 2 owner outside US for just two months, what’s the impact of the new shiny Kindle DX ? Now, here are my takes:

The Good

  1. The new Kindle DX reads PDF files natively – that’s the only reason I will consider to buy the Kindle DX – if I buy one.
  2. The screen auto-rotates the document you’re reading as you turn the device.
  3. The screen is bigger, a lot bigger.
  4. Now the device can store up to 3,500 books and documents.
  5. The keyboard is now better, I think … the Kindle 2 keyboard is really hard to type.

The Bad

  1. The new Kindle DX reads PDF files natively – but of course the PDF file is still a 16 gray document. When was your last time read a black & white PDF document ?
  2. The screen auto-rotates the document you’re reading as you turn the device. Seriously, I don’t think it is good for reading books, especially the menu / next page buttons are now all positioned on top. I think it is good for viewing web page though, since you already get used to view web pages in landscape mode. However, there is no use to me as we cannot use Kindle to surf, outside US.
  3. The bigger screen is good, especially you read lots of full size PDF files, magazines and newspaper. But I don’t need big device because I use my Kindle mainly in subway, buses, planes and cafes. In addition, we cannot subscribe to magazines and newspaper outside US (which needs the Whispernet to download).
  4. Now the device can store up to 3,500 books and documents – but why ? Imagine you need to use the Search function to find your books, from now on.
  5. Somehow, there is no previous / next buttons in the left hand side of the device. If you’re a lefties, hard luck.

The Ugly

  1. I don’t see why I want to pay US$500 for a eBook reader. Assuming there will be another new Kindle in two years, and I can save 10 dollars from every Kindle book … it means I shall read 50 books in two years to pay for the Kindle DX. Don’t think I can do it, really.

What’s your view ?



甲:你就好啦,可以出 Cheap !!
乙:係呀,今次出 Cheap 仲可以帶埋 Gir Fan 去。
甲:咪係,你 Gir Fan 又乜都幫你 Pan 好哂。
乙:又係呀,佢好鍾意 Pan Cheap 咖。不過好煩,最初仲話帶埋屋企隻 Pussy Cat 去添。
甲:乜o野 Pussy Cat 呀?
此情此景,突然有種 “Lost in Translation” 的感覺。回頭再望那兩位香港的才俊及未來,正在熱烈討論應該要講 “叮噹” 還是 “Dollar A Mon” 的時候,我笑了。

BGT 與 西九龍

BGT 就是 “Britain’s Got Talent”,一個甚受歡迎的英國節目。節目每集都由不同的歌手,音樂人,舞藝者競逐,而每季都能夠由有份量的表現者勝出。以前就有 Paul Potts,George Sampson 等等。

最新 2009 季度已經去到第四周,每星期都有驚喜,包括 Susan Boyle, Shaheen Jafargholi, Andrew Johnston。而第四周最好的比賽者應該係 Jamie Pugh。他唱得真的,真的很動人。。

令我奇怪的是這一些歌手的背景。Susan Boyle 是無業的(她全心照顧她的母親),而 Jamie Pugh 則是當日間司機,晚間送 Pizza。但是他們都選擇了著名音樂劇 Les Misérables 的歌 – 分別是 I dreamed a dream 及 Bring him home。從這一點可以了解到在英國每一個階層對音樂,藝術的投入及喜愛。

試想想,在香港有幾多人可以唱出一段經典音樂劇及粵劇?又有多少人欣賞舞台劇,舞蹈,音樂劇及粵劇?即使有很多擁躉,但是新一代都可能只活在 Internet,YouTube 裡。


Google Profiles – your own online reputation management

I think many of you understand the importance of branding yourself in Internet. You will probably detail your professional profile in Linkedin and Visualcv; share your hobbies / interests in Facebook and Myspace; express your views / opinions in your own blog; and voice your ideas in your Twitter page.

However, one thing is very difficult to control … that is, the search result of your own name in Google. First, there may be many people sharing your same name. Secondly, you may also find some bad / nasty stuff in the search results – some belong to another you with same name, some belong to you but are just crude exaggerations (from your point of view, of course).

And now, there is a solution of that Google search problem – also from Google. Last week, Google gives you more power to control how you appear on Google products – the Google Profiles. In their words:

A Google profile is simply how you present yourself on Google products to other Google users. It allows you to control how you appear on Google and tell others a bit more about who you are. With a Google profile, you can easily share your web content on one central location.

In your profile, you can include information like your name, where you are working, where you studied and obviously, your “About Me”.

If this new service can really deliver what it promises, the SERP shall show your tailored profile (the face you want to show to other people). The downside of that of course is you have one more online real estate to manage.

So have I created my Google Profiles ? You bet.

Google Profile