Upgrade Kindle for iPhone 1.1

Amazon released the Kindle for iPhone 1.1 about a month ago and I think it is about time to upgrade.

In March this year Amazon released its free Kindle application for the iPhone such that you could read the ebooks you purchased for your Kindle. If you were living in US, you could also take advantage of the Amazon’s Whispersync, which would sync both devices, that’s mean you could pick up reading where you left off.

Initially I thought The reading experience with iPhone would not be pleasant (e.g. I don’t like Stanza at all), but actually I was wrong. The application is in fact quite good and I will review the usability in another blog post.

Anyway, with the version 1.1 update, the reading experience on the Kindle for iPhone is further improved. For example, you can now switch the view from portrait to landscape mode if you prefer to read that way. You also have the option to “lock” the phone in either portrait or landscape mode thanks to a padlock icon to the lower right.

Another good feature is that you can now change the background and text color combination so that reading is easier on the eyes. Black text on a white background can be harsh, but now you can now choose a gray text on black background option, or a dark and light sepia option. My personal favorite was the sepia tone.

Also, you can now turn pages by just tapping the screen, if you don’t like the previous “slide gesture”.

You can follow the steps of buying Kindle for iPhone from outside US to get the application from iTunes, and with the same account, you can download the version 1.1. Enjoy.

Kindle photo iphone kindle photo

Video about deadline

What is really a deadline ?

In the words of a design student, Bang-yao Liu, of Savannah College of Art and Design …

Every time when I am busy, I feel that I am not fighting with my works, I am fighting with those post-it notes and deadline.

So he made a brilliant video about deadline with, believe it or not … 6,000+ Post-it notes. Enjoy !!

Curious about how he made this video ? Check it out.

Claim your Facebook Username

So, any plan for the coming weekend ? Or more specifically, 12:01 noon 13rd June Hong Kong time ? It is important for you all Facebook users, as it is the day, time that you will be able to “claim” your Facebook Username. Imagine millions of Facebook users want to do it at the same time, I can tell it will be a nightmare for the Facebook IT support / infrastructure team. And of course, the user experience will not be great either.

Anyway, if you get your dream Username, you can refer to your profile like the following. And of course your friends will find you easier with this easy-to-remember URL.

Facebook profile link

The problem in fact is how you can secure your dream Username … According to the Facebook blog, in that particular day, you will have an option to select one of the suggested names or define your own if you don’t like the suggestions.

Claim your Facebook Username

If Facebook keep their promise, it means we all can now envisage what the suggestions will be displayed on screen coming Saturday. And if those are not what you want, then you better dream up a good one for yourself and fill up the text box “Choose Your Own”. So here is my recommendations to you all:

  • Before this weekend magic moment, i.e. in the next two days, login to your Facebook account and search your own name. Then check how many people in Facebook world have the same name as you – it means you will know how many potential Facebookers will fight for the similar dream name in your mind.
  • Start jotting down what dream names you like, and prioritize them – it means if you cannot get the first priority name, quickly type in the next one …
  • Double check your hardware and Internet connection before that specific date / time. If there is any problem in the Saturday morning, seek help immediately.
  • Once you secured your dream Username, Twit it, mail it, blog it, and change the Facebook profile information in your Visual CV, LinkedIn and Google Profiles (if you have any one of those …)

Enjoy the web traffic that day !!