Be Better

It’s funny to see people arguing why their cameras cannot take good pictures, but not their skills.

That actually also applies to those who blame the cloud platforms, the OS, the programming languages, the frameworks / models, and the tools of not delivering what they desired.

We all shall work harder, smarter and be better.

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” – Jim Rohn

Build a Business

It’s a line I remind myself all the time.

It’s about building a business, not developing an app / website / social page.

Product with good UX is important. However equally important are good team, good understanding of users’ job-to-be-done, good marketing, good distribution channels, good pricing strategy, good business development and good customer services …

Make The Decision, and …

Many companies brag about how speedy they can make decisions by removing processes, empowering teams and shortening the decision cycle.

Many companies on the other hand, have “decidophobia” — a term coined by Princeton University philosopher Walter Kaufmann. They can hardly move forward because they cannot overcome the fear of making any strategic decisions.

Both kinds of companies, however, miss the most important point …