Good Testing, Good Software

Good software, like wine, takes time.

But of course, other than time good software also takes lots of proper testing. Therefore I always puzzle why companies spend so little resources in professional testing, and then rely on business users (or even customers) to do casual / incomplete testing.

If you’re going to roll out a product, be sure to involve good software testers … as they are the unsung heros of the software development lifecycle.

Problems Or Solutions ?

One of the differences between a delivery team and a product team is …

The delivery team care about how to deliver the solution on time, within budget and align with the specification.

On the other hand, the product team care most about the customers’ problem, and whether the solution can help the customers to address the problem.

Both are important, but not the same. What’s your take ?

Learn Fast, Learn Early

To be honest, I still don’t understand why so many people advocate the idea of “Fail fast, fail early”, when in fact what they really meant was “Learn fast, learn early”. As a startup or agile organisation, you roll out product fast, and then learn from the result as early as possible – no matter the product is a great success or a miserable failure.

If it turns out that the product is a failure, then improve your product and try harder next time. And of course, ask yourself, will you make the same mistake twice ?