Strategy vs Strategy Goals

Many companies shared their “strategies” to stakeholders as “We want to be the best performing company in the XXX industry”, or “We want to be the customer’s number one choice in YYY sector”.

Those are not “strategies”, those are “strategy goals”. Strategy is about the plans, the decisions and the how’s to reach the strategy goals …

Happy New Year of the Tiger

We are lucky in this part of the world, as every year we have two New Years – one Gregorian New Year and one Lunar New Year.

In other words, we have two year ends, such that we can reflect on our works two times and also two chances to plan ahead for the coming year. In fact, we can even prepare two New Year’s resolutions, if the first one didn’t work out.

So let’s start a new journey !

What Are You Selling ?

Examples :

If you own a dessert stand, you’re not selling ice cream. You’re selling a first date.

If you own a luxury car dealership, you’re not selling a Ferrari. You’re selling status.

If you own an outdoors shop, you’re not selling fishing rods. You’re selling lasting family memories.

Exercise :

If you own a , you’re not selling . You’re selling _.