Air on the G string

No, it is not about the MacBook Air, and not about G string of course … I stare at the TV and just cannot stand anymore the noise and the scenes of the big event today. I mute the TV volume and this music come to mind – believe it or not, it matches the TV show perrrrrfectly.

Isn’t it brilliant ?

And then of course, the whiter shade of pale. Just can’t help it 8)

We are not alone

“Always on my mind” is one of my favorite songs, no matter it’s the original version by Brenda Lee or the cover versions by Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, Pet Shop Boys and the latest by Michael Buble. But yesterday I found another cover version in a Hong Kong movie shot 15 years ago, and I love this version the most.

So I asked myself where I can find this version on the web … – No, – No, – No … but I finally found it thru some searches. I reckon, no matter what are our likes and dislikes, no matter how niches those are – we are not alone; and someone share the same interests will put those online. Another case of Long Tail theory, I suppose …

Believe it or not, the singer is Peter Chan, the famous Hong Kong film director. Enjoy the song, i.e. the first two minutes of the following video. By the way, the subtitles do not sync with the song …

Telephone line

One of the mobile operators in town recently introduced a new service – “Wireless fixed-line service”. What that marketing gimic exactly do is beyond me, but it gonnna be a mix of wireless and internet based telephone services. I am sure one day this kind of service will replace our usual fixed-line phone and by then, the term “telephone line” will go down the drain of history. Before then, a song from Electric Light Orchestra, 32 years ago.

Hello. How are you?
Have you been alright, through all those lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely nights
That’s what I’d say. I’d tell you everything
If you’d pick up that telephone yeah yeah yeah

Change the world

Back in 1997, Apple ran a TV commercial with a slogan – “Think Different”. The last line in this famous ad was …

… the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do …

In 2000, a team of professionals thought they could change the world and they got together, developed one of the most sophisticated Internet-based e-Government infrastructure at that time in Asia. And the rest is history. There were many naysayers in the industry all along, and they were just all talk and no action. But we are the one who really delivered the system, who spent countless days and nights to make it work, to maintain it and to serve 7 millions people in the city …

It’s really a great experience to work with you all in the last 8 years and I would like to thank every single one of you. You know who you are. As a token of thanks, following is one video captures all the beautiful moments I have …

We changed the world around us, but it’s time for me to move on. Thank you again and see you all around …

Wicked Game

Good guitar music is a luxurious thing, it prompted me to search around Youtube to find two of my favorite ones … and I found those – Wicked Game and Maria Elena. Enjoy …

Wicked Game by guitarist Greg Reiter

Maria Elean by, of course, Los Indios Tabajaras

And … the original Wicked Game by Chris Issac …

90 seconds of luxury

It’s really a luxurious thing, not the products that the LVMH ad promotes but one can enjoy 90 seconds of good music (by Gustavo Santaolalla) and wonderfully made video in the midst of lousy and noisy TV shows. The beautiful message from the first ever TV ad of Louis Vuitton

What is a journey ?
A journey is not a trip.
It’s not a vacation.
It’s a process, a discovery.
It’s a process of self-discovery.
A journey brings us face to face with ourselves.
A journey shows us not only the world, but how we fit in it.
Does the person create the journey, or does the journey creat the person ?
The journey is life itself.
Where will life take you ?