In The Arms Of An Angel

Once again the movie “City of Angles” is shown on cable TV, not a particular movie I like as I am not a big fan of Nicolas Cage (Meg Ryan is good though). However, in this movie there is a very very very beautiful song by Sarah McLachlan – Angel.

A heavenly voice, no kidding …

In the arms of an angel
fly away from here
from this dark cold hotel room
and the endlessness that you fear
you are pulled from the wreckage
of your silent reverie
you’re in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort there
you’re in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort here

The Last Waltz – La Dernière Valse

One of my friends once said if you found a TV ad that you don’t understand what the fuzz all about … then it’s probably an ad of a new housing estate or apartment. All these ads are full of beautiful cars, scenery, women and men – i.e. nothing really matter with the housing estate. Another trick they used to do is to have someone sing a very beautiful song in the ad.

Recently there is another such hard-to-understand TV ad. Again there is a very good song in the ad with a very familiar tune, but this time it is a French song. So what’s that song ? Let’s do some Internet searches.

I first went to Google and search the name of the new housing estate – “XXXXX”. Quite some results popped up and it seems many are asking the same question from one popular forum. So I searched again in Google but skipping all the links from that forum site – “XXXXX”. Soon I found the answer, as someone in one music forum know the answer – the song is The Last Waltz. Ah … that’s why the tune is so familiar, it’s the famous song by Engelbert Humperdinck.

So what’s next ? I searched again in Google – “Last Waltz French version”. Yes … that’s it – the result returns “La Dernière Valse by Petula Clark”. So “The Last Waltz” in French is “La Dernière Valse” and sang by one French singer Petula Clark. There is even a site with a part of the song as well. And you can buy her CD in

Of course, the next stop is Youtube, and then I found the whole song / video by the famous Japanese singer Lisa Ono (sorry for the extra click, as the video is set to view only in Youtube, but not in other places).

Lastly, the original song by Engelbert Humperdinck, 40 years ago. Enjoy !!

Electric Dreams

1984 is always a special year … it’s the year I left the school, the year Apple introduced the Macintosh and the year with a lot of great movies … “Electric Dreams” was one of them. Only in the ’80s could they make a movie about a computer that falls in love with it’s owner’s girlfriend. And as usual, I love the soundtrack a lot.

Another good music video you don’t wanna miss …

From Beetle Juice to Pedro Almodovar

Of course the movie Beetle Juice was not directed by the great modern-day Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, but this post is about how the Internet bring them together. Believe it or not …

Beetle Juice, a typical Tim Burton’s strange movie, is one of my favorites. I particularly like the scene with the whole family dancing and singing a song with lots of “Day-O”… But the movie was filmed almost 20 years ago, so how could I find this song or even MV again ?

Obviously, I surfed to Youtube to search for the MV. Type in “Beetle Juice” in the search box and I found a long list of videos about Beetle Juice. Couple of clicks and some viewings, I found this one already.

The story continues …

Then I scrolled down, checked the comments … hoping that someone would ask for the name of that song and some would provide an answer. Ah ha, just what I expected and the answer is The Banana Boat Song by Harry Belafonte.

Another search, then I found the famous MV “Harry Belafonte & Muppet Show – The Banana Boat Song”.

A few more clicks I found that Belafonte was one great Jamaican musician and his famous songs (may be cover versions) included “Jamaica Farewell”, “Try to Remember”. More information from Wikipedia.Couple of more page hoppings in Youtube, I found a video named “Harry Belafonte Tribute”. And the song in this video is … Cucurucucu Paloma.

Of course, it’s the same beautiful song in the movie Talk To Her by Pedro Almodovar.

Cucucrucucu … dove, Cucucrucucu … don’t cry … (that’s the lyrics) … You see, with Internet, things all link together. I hope you like the videos.

I Only Care About You

This is the song I like most from singer the late Teresa Tang. I like the song so much that I even love all the cover versions. Found this cover version 11 years ago in a plane’s inflight entertainment system … so imagine how surprised I was when I found this MV in Youtube.

Other cover versions by Cass Phang, Faye Wong, William So, Joanna Wang and the original one …

The one by Cass Phang :

The one by Faye Wong :

The one by William So :

The one by Joanna Wang :

The original :