Andrea Bocelli and Elvis

I talked about Bocelli in my previous post … I think I first knew him was years ago when I switched to a German TV channel (well you know, it doesn’t mean I am fluent in German …) and it was an interview about a blind singer … oh what a singer … probably because he is blind, he put so much emotion and effort in every song he sings.

Elvis has just left us for 30 years … so here you go, an Elvis’ song by Andrea Bocelli. You will just love it, in fact, “can’t help falling in love” with this cover-version.

From Mr. Bean To Finding Nemo

I am a fan of Mr. Bean, no doubt, but I think all Mr. Bean’s fans are kinda tired of Mr. Bean’s performance in his latest movie “Mr. Bean’s Holiday”. But then, how the Internet link Mr. Bean to “Finding Nemo” ?

Even though the movie is so so, but the soundtrack is not too bad. For example the last song in the movie is the famous French song back in 1950’s – “La Mer” (The Sea) from Charles Trenet.

The search continues …

Even though La Mer is a French song, its English version is very famous in U.S.A. back in 1960’s – “Beyond The Sea” by Bobby Darin …

And this song of course … is one of the beautiful songs in the movie “Finding Nemo” … and this time by Robbie Williams. Enjoy !!

If Only …

I reckon one obvious benefit of having fever and CableTV at the same time is I can really spend some time at home to enjoy good but re-run movie, in a work day you know.

If Onlyis a pretty original and beautiful movie, even though with a low production budget. A love story, but with a very interesting (and touching) twist – all I can say further about that lovely movie is … what will you do if you can relive your day like my other favorite movie – Groundhog Day.

Oh, the soundtrack is good too, a bonus !!