New Technologies for New Problems

People told me before Personal Computer could not do something like their mini-computers.

People told me before Internet could not transport information like their Client / Server network.

People told me before Cloud Computing could not be as secure as their own data centers.

People told me before NoSQL or DLT could not manage data like their own RDBMS.

They didn’t tell me though, they actually needed new technologies to solve new problems.

Great NFT Projects

I’ve had many clients and friends ask me lately about the steps (or tricks) to run a successful NFT project. I don’t have a solid answer as I’m also still learning. However, as of now, I can think of three important factors :

  1. Community,
  2. Community,
  3. Community.

So lucky that I minted another Cheung Ka Long (2021 Olympic Gold Medalist in foil fencing) #NFT with @Gold4HK – a very good community.