A No-code / Low-code Mother’s Day

My mom is in the better place for a few years, so every year since I need to find something to do in Mother’s Day to quiet my mind. Most of the time, I go back to meditation, jogging, music and … coding.

So yesterday I decided to spend some time to connect my test app in Adalo No-Code platform with Google Cloud Vision API, and then to orchestrate these from Integromat. My goal was to let the app to read the blood glucose monitor readings by the mobile phone camera, and automatically enter to the app’s database. That shall help lots of people who need to keep track the readings every single day.

Even though I was new to Vision API and Integromat, I made it in 2, 3 hours … from registrations to setup, plan, code, test … trial and error .. to store the readings in the database.

What a wonderful Mother’s Day ?!

Success Is …

One can easily find many definitions and quotes about “Success” in the Internet. Many times, the following quote pops up in the SERP :

“Success is not a destination, it’s a journey.”

Enjoy the journey, no doubt about it. However, I think to enjoy the journey, the key is to be well prepared and work very hard throughout the journey such that you can reach your destination.

In other words, success is not your goal but a consequence of your blood, sweat and tears.