Old Beijing

It’s really not easy.

May be I have not spent enough time in Beijing, or I simply didn’t know where to look for. It’s not that easy to find the old Beijing, in the post-Olympics days. But still there are lots of places that I wished I could spend more time and took more pictures. What I managed to do was to keep taking photos, and selected some to process it with Virtual Photographer plug-in … and here is my old Beijing.

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Beijing Impression

To prepare for the 2008 Olympics, Beijing has undergone some massive changes. Therefore, even though it’s not my first visit to Beijing but the modern Beijing is still very new to me. 

What surpised and touched me most about the city was not the high-tech buildings, excellent highways, impressive Olympics games venues, and renovated tourist spots; but instead, it was how I felt about the people there – they are confident, happy, proud of themselves and their motherland. In addition, I can tell they are very determined to build a better country for their future and next generation. Isn’t it one of the reasons why we wanted to host the Olympic games ?

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