Present and perfect moment

Finished the book Chasing Daylight for quite some weeks, but only now manage to write something about it. Not that I was busy, but just not sure whether I shall recommend this book. This is certainly a good book and I learnt a few lessons from it as well, but I felt that the author is a bit too self-focused. Anyway, you will know what I mean when you read this book.

Other than the Passion and Talent lesson, I also share another two “lessons” by the author (not two new lessons though, as I believe all of us already knew those) – those are,

  • seize the present moments, and
  • create your own perfect moments.

Essentially, instead of keep planning, dreaming and guessing – why not just try your best to focus in your present moment ? Make full use of it … don’t waste this very hour, minute and second. In addition, create a perfect moment or great time with your friend / mentor, love one, parents and everyone you meet – every single time.

Simple lessons, but when will we all learn it ?

Passion and Talent

While reading the book Supernatural, I spare some time to read a book recommending by my ex-colleague – “Chasing Daylight” by Eugene O’Kelly. This book is about what one shall do before too late. I cannot tell whether it is a good book yet as I am only half way through it. However in the earlier part of the book, there are a few paragraphs that put me in deep thought.

One day when I was 14, my mother, who for years had witnessed my passion for the sport, told me it was important to distinguish that from talent.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“You may have the passion to be a great baseball player,” she said, “but not the talent.”
… She wanted me to hold onto my passion while also following a path where my talent could flower.

The whole idea struck me … I may have the passion to build the greatest web site or the best book cafe in the world; but what if I don’t have the talent to do it ?

Shall I drop the idea ? Or keep pursuing it ? Is there anything on earth that I have passion with and I have the talent to realize it ?