Mumbai in 80 hours

It’s quite obvious, 80 hours (or even 80 days) are not enough to explore this dynamic city. And in fact out of the 80 hours, I spent most of the time in meetings so not much photos were taken in this trip. Pictures aside, found something interesting in the trip …

  • There are lots of private jets in the airport taxi area (i.e. lots of rich families);
  • The Hyatt Regency Mumbai Hotel is high-tech and traveler friendly;
  • The Kindle works perfectly in the plane and a great way to kill time when waiting in lounge (no free Wi-Fi);
  • The in-flight entertainment system of Cathay Pacific, the movies District 9 and Inglorious Bastards are great;
  • The GMail is smart enough to insert a pull down menu in the editing area to let me input Indian characters;
  • You can live like a James Bond, or Jackie Chan … just hire a cab;
  • And yes, the Indian food in ITC Maratha Hotel is really delicious.

Okay, here are some photos:

Customer service in 21st century, in Twitter style

So we all know Twitter can do many things – other than telling your followers what you’re eating, you can also use Twitter to express your views, to collect other people’s views, and to spread your friends’ views (by re-tweeting). And of course, we’ve heard many stories about using Twitter to find missing teens or getting better customer services.

I for one is a believer that Twitter can help improving customer services but then believing is one thing, can experience one is another. That was an incident last week related to a trip to Mumbai, India in February and I needed to get a room and airport transportation services from Hyatt Mumbai.

Looked like a simple task, I know. But somehow somewhere the reservation record was not right, I had email exchanged with the “e-concierge”, the “Catering Sales manager” (yes, strange I know) and “General Manager” (yes, right), but still could not sort the things out. So I decided … to air my frustration through Twitter.

And then within two hours, Hyatt customer services / Twitter team found my tweet and replied with another tweet.

I then direct-messaged the reservation confirmation number to them. In an hours or two, I was told the reservation was done exactly the same as my request, and then a follow-up email from Hyatt Germany service team (!!) wrapped up the case.

Wow, I love Hyatt’s service and obviously the capability of Twitter. The big question to me is how can one corporation compete without providing the same level of services in today’s world ?

What’s your Twitter customer service stories ?