Shanghai, Shanghai

Not the first time to visit Shanghai and certainly will not be the last. Like many famous cities around the world, Shanghai is a photographer’s paradise. This huge city’s  landscape practically changes every few months, but there are still lots of traditional buildings scatter around. If you want to see what an awakened dragon look alike, then go to Shanghai to check it out … seeing is believing.

Some recent photos of the great city – Shanghai. Photos shot by Olympus E-P1, with lens Lumix 20 mm or Olympus M.Zuiko 9-18 mm.

ShangHai Mania

It’s a surprise that there are so many people talk about traveling to ShangHai (China) recently – at least from people in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

There are many reasons, though. First, The city is advancing in a unbelievably speed, it’s really quite an experience itself by seeing the rapid changes in all corners of the city. In addition, the Shanghainese food is really great. There are also quite a lot of trendy places just established. One is the Xin Tian Di – a place with a lot fashionable restaurants all under one roof – newly renovated houses.

So if you have the time, may be just a few days, visit Shanghai !!