Serial reader

Similar to many book lovers, I am a serial reader (not serial killer). That is, if I read a good book then I will read all the books written by the same author. For example, all the books by Dan Brown (Angels and Demons is actually better than Da Vinci Code, from my point of view); all the “Babylon books” by Imogen Edwards-Jones (I learnt a lot industry knowledge from those books); books by Mitch Albom (Tuesday With Morrie etc. etc.) and books by Malcolm Gladwell (I think Tipping Point is a lot better than Blink).

Another author I followed for years is “archaeological investigative journalist” Graham Hancock, his books about the Pyramid, ancient civilizations and biblical stories are very very fascinating. Finally his newest book “Supernatural” is on sale in local bookstore and you know what, it’s only 700 pages !! Still, could not help but buy it straightaway … hmmm … lots of late night coming 😎