How can I help you ?

I suppose that’s the most popular greeting message by salesperson in all kind of shops. What’s your answer to this kind of greeting “questions” ? To me, it is either “Yes” or “No” … and of course if my answer is “No”, it means I will leave the shop soon – i.e. the end of the selling opportunity. So, I reckon the better greeting message shall be …

“Have you tried our latest products / services ?”

If your answer is “Yes”, the salesperson can follow up to check whether you like the products / services or not; and cross sell other products. If your answer is “No”, the salesperson can then kick start the engine to introduce you the benefits of the latest and greatest products / services. In both cases, you will sell more …

Lesson Learnt: If you’re a salesperson, you know which greeting message you shall use.

Excuse me, Sir …

There was a new restaurant in town so I decided to give it a try. After a few moments and I thought I was ready to order, so I gave a signal to one waitress … and ordered a few items from the beautifully designed menu. Then I asked a stupid question …

“Do you think it’s enough ?”, I asked.

And the waitress answered, “Excuse me, Sir … I think your diet is not that balanced and I would suggest you to order some more food with carbon-hydrate … hmmm … what about a dish of rice or noodle?”

Of course, I ended up with one more dish of noodle that I could not finish …

Lesson Learnt: Never ask such stupid question to a waiter / waitress who only want you to order more … especially s/he got an excellent way to reply you.


If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

It is one of my friends’ life motto. She says it every single time when we ask her why she has to spend so much effort in every single little thing. She has said it so many times that she became the evangelist of continuous improvement among our peers.


I believe some of you have already watched Star Wars III … being a fan of Star Wars for twenty something years (I was a member of the fan club ….) – I don’t think the story line is very good, but I think we all have to admit the computer graphic effects are really stunning. But if you like this kind of story and in a more humorous side, you have to watch the movie tomorrow – “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

The story is based on the book by Douglas Adams and in fact you shall read all the books by the same writer in the Hitchhiker Series … they are all really hilarious. (Warning … the books are not that easy to read though.)


Last month I introduced some astonishing travel photos … now what about some equally good Wedding photos ? Check this out and compare this with your friends’ (or your own) HK style wedding album … which one will you prefer ?


Learn to pause or nothing worthwhile will catch up to you. – Pablo Picasso