It’s just determination

Last year Paul Pott was the ordinary people that won the Britain’s Got Talent and George Sampson was an unlucky young man who could not make it to the semi-final. But just like the dancing version of Rocky, George enrolled to the BGT again this year and won !! He’s only 14 years old … and that’s what he told BBC:

Don’t let anybody get in the way – if you stay strong and determined, it’ll pay off so just keep your head down and focus on it … it’s just determination.

I am sure you can search his GTD semi-final and final video on the net … but here is the round 1 video, I absolutely love it.

“I don’t know.” … “That’s a good answer.”

There is another rerun of the movie – Contact in cable TV. I love the movie, the story line, the special effect and the acting. But I love most is the last few lines in the movie – yes, I can wait two hours just for that 15 seconds …

KID : Are there other people out there in the Universe?
ELLIE : That’s a good question. What do you think, huh?
KID : I don’t know.
ELLIE : That’s a good answer. A skeptic, huh? The most important thing is that you all keep searching for your own answers.

When was the last time you heard a teacher said “That’s a good answers.” to a student who answered “I don’t know.” to a question ?

You see, the most important thing is – keep searching for your own answers.

Tin Hau birthday parade

Tin Hau, also known as the Queen of Heaven and Goddess of the Sea, who enjoys a special place in people’s hearts thanks to our city’s long maritime history. Many people celebrate Tin Hau’s birthday every year and the most famous festivities is a spectacular parade through the streets with teams of performers, including lion dancers, dragon dancers and other artists. Some photos (click to enlarge) …

Touch the dragon for good luck I am tired Dragon dance

I'll get the job done Dragon dance Big head boy

90 seconds of luxury

It’s really a luxurious thing, not the products that the LVMH ad promotes but one can enjoy 90 seconds of good music (by Gustavo Santaolalla) and wonderfully made video in the midst of lousy and noisy TV shows. The beautiful message from the first ever TV ad of Louis Vuitton

What is a journey ?
A journey is not a trip.
It’s not a vacation.
It’s a process, a discovery.
It’s a process of self-discovery.
A journey brings us face to face with ourselves.
A journey shows us not only the world, but how we fit in it.
Does the person create the journey, or does the journey creat the person ?
The journey is life itself.
Where will life take you ?

Movie and songs of the week

It’s hard to resist another run of the Notting Hill in cable TV. I have watched it countless time because of two things – the travel book store (you know, it’s my dream) and the wicked soundtrack. There are two songs in the movie I like very much – Ain’t no sunshine and She … Somehow in the movie there are two versions of Ain’t no sunshine – one by Lighthouse Family and the other one by the original singer – Bill Withers. Here is the amazing multi-seasons one shot with Ain’t no sunshine …

And here is the trailer of the movie with She by Elvis Costello:

As usual, I can’t help to search around and you will find the videos from Bill Withers, Lighthouse family and the original singer of She – Charles Aznavour 30 years ago. Enjoy !!

Bill Withers – Ain’t no sunshine

Lighthouse family – Ain’t no sunshine

She – Charles Aznavour, 30 something years ago