What does a CIO do ?

There is one very interesting discussion in LinkedIn CIO Forum about “If you had one sentence to describe what you did as CIO – what would it be?”

As usual, there are some politically correct answers:

  • “The organization’s technology evangelist and leader who championed the business goals and objectives.”
  • “CIO is business leader who relentlessly delivers technology in support of business objectives, all while continuously seeking to drive overall costs down”
  • “Improve an organization’s IT Alignment, Architecture, Agility and Ability to enhance the organization’s bottom line. “

There are also some practical answers, such as:

  • “High tech solutions, bottom line results.”
  • “Ascertain organization’s footprint from a bottom-line standpoint. Streamline operations with intent to cut cost and focus on reliability. Deliver practical technologies in support of the organization’s goals.”

And there are some answers I like a lot:

  • “Provide what they need before they know they need it.”
  • “Take information technology where no information technology has gone before.”
  • “On time, on spec, on budget, no bloodshed.”
  • “Deliver technology solutions so advanced that they are indistinguishable from magic.”

What’s your take ?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!