How easy is easy ?

You know what ?

  • It’s easy to think you’re the best in the world
  • It’s easy to believe you have a better idea than Facebook, Google, Amazon, or Apple
  • It’s easy to demand everything to be free
  • It’s easy to claim the use of everything is human right
  • It’s easy to ignore all other people’s comments, suggestions and criticisms
  • It’s easy to criticize other people
  • It’s easy to delay a project delivery
  • It’s easy to quit your job
  • It’s easy to say you will do better next time
  • It’s easy to keep on dreaming

But … How easy is easy ?

  • Have you tried to prove to other people you are really the best ?
  • Have you started to write your first line of code, that’s supposed to be better than Facebook, Google, Amazon or Apple ?
  • Have you developed something for others, for free ?
  • Have you studied what is really human right ?
  • Have you thought about, just for once, understanding other people’s comments, suggestions and criticisms ?
  • Have you provided any constructive comments to others ?
  • Have you exhausted all the ways to stick to a deadline ?
  • Have you considered to stay to solve all the work problems ?
  • Have you delivered your best the very first time ?
  • Have you ever stopped day-dreaming and started working on it ?

It is about time … convince yourself life is not easy, but life is also full of possibilities … as long as you start working on it and don’t quit.

Life is not fair, get used to it

There is an urban legend in Internet for years that billionaire Mr. Bill Gates spoke to a group of students about the 11 rules of life. I think whether those rules are really from Mr. Gates is not important at all, what matters is the meaning behind these.

These are the rules that I hope all students, youngsters, newbies in the job market can study carefully and learn from it. These are also the rules that explain why we believe the only way to success (and to get respected) is to work hard, extremely hard.

I can appreciate life is not easy, but life is never easy and no one promised you that in the first place (my boss always reminds me that). I also believe every one of you can overcome all your life obstacles, as long as you don’t whine about those, but keep going … don’t stop !!

“If you are going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill

Here is the slide deck of the 11 rules of life.

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day

Time flies and it’s the Chinese New Year (the year of Tiger) again. Somehow the New Year day this year is also the Valentine’s Day (it happens every 38 years I was told), truly a special day that East meets West. To celebrate this, there is one thing the same in both worlds though – beautiful flowers.

Have a great day and great year ahead !!


上一期”壹週刊”慶祝一千期,加送一本 Special Edition。內裡除了一篇頗長的黎智英專訪外,仲有十多篇短短的個人訪問。

睇睇吓,發覺每篇訪問都有一個”風格”,就是每篇結尾都有一句稱讚香港的句子。都好,香港太多負能量,怨氣,就打一次給大家睇睇(因為根據 Wow 友 Florence 所講 – 我們都缺乏閱讀文字的能耐,所以我估無人睇到尾)。




甲:你就好啦,可以出 Cheap !!
乙:係呀,今次出 Cheap 仲可以帶埋 Gir Fan 去。
甲:咪係,你 Gir Fan 又乜都幫你 Pan 好哂。
乙:又係呀,佢好鍾意 Pan Cheap 咖。不過好煩,最初仲話帶埋屋企隻 Pussy Cat 去添。
甲:乜o野 Pussy Cat 呀?
此情此景,突然有種 “Lost in Translation” 的感覺。回頭再望那兩位香港的才俊及未來,正在熱烈討論應該要講 “叮噹” 還是 “Dollar A Mon” 的時候,我笑了。