It is obviously to me with so many things happening together, keeping any schedule is very difficult. In one of my favorite web sites (http://www.pocketpcthoughts.com/), it says this is a problem of always connected, never focused.

Do you remember the last time you were really focused on doing just one thing? Have you noticed that it has become much harder to stay focused, because we are that much more connected now than before. Mobile phones, SMS, e-mail, wireless e-mail, Instant Messaging, Internet access, PDA and so on.

It is an indisputable fact that I can be reached almost anytime and anywhere, and I am. I can also reach almost anyone of you the same way, and I do.

So, if you recognize the feeling of being scattered all over the place, that it’s hard to stay focused. However, the web site suggested:

  • have the mobile phone turned off a few hours every day
  • if you are in the middle of a conversation, and the phone rings, don’t always pick it up
  • if the phone rings, don’t always pick it up period.
  • every once in a while, sign out from Instant Messaging even if you are connected and working at your computer
  • sign out from your e-mail application a couple of times every day, so that you won’t be tempted to check e-mail every two minutes
  • plan at least one weekend every month without going online
  • don’t bring your PDA with you every time you leave the house
  • go back to the habit of giving flowers or [insert nice thing here] regularly to your partner
  • spend more time with your family, and while you do, don’t think about other things
  • take a walk every now and then, not to get things but just to take a

Personally, this list is really a challenge to me. But may be many of you can do this, focus on delivering good things, one at a time.


Again, no book recommendation this month as I have passed around a few good books already “The design of sites“, “Code Complete“, “Homepage usability” etc.. But if you do have time to focus in reading books, pop in to my room and I will show you some new ones – “It’s Your Ship“, “Good to Great“, “Design for Community“, “Design from both sides of the screen“, “A Pattern Language“.


As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, THINK BIG.

~ Donald Trump ~

Author: Michael Yung

Michael possessed over 30 years of experience in Information Technology with focuses on complex application development, database technologies and IT strategy. He also spent the last 20 years in Internet technology, eCommerce development / operations, web usability, computer security and Public Key Infrastructure technologies.

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