6 steps to set up an Amazon aStore in a WordPress blog with Thesis theme

After over a year of “part-time” e-Commerce (read – link referrals), I think it is about time for my blog to host a bigger eshop. I have set up the Amazon aStore before as a standalone website, but have not tried embedding it in a WordPress blog, especially one (like mine) equipped with the Thesis theme (one of the best WordPress theme frameworks in the market). So let’s give it a try.

If you’re familiar with the Amazon Associates program, you can probably finish the set up within an hour, in only 6 steps (no kidding !!). First thing first, here is the plan, you first set up your own Amazon Associates account, then you will set up the aStore parameters, and finally embed the aStore in your blog.

Step 0 – Login to Amazon Associates program, click “aStore” in the top blue color menu, and then click “Add an aStore” with your Tracking ID.

Step 1 – Define product categories in your new store. In the example below, I created 4 main categories (you can create subcategories if you want to). In the right hand side, the most important field is how you would like to populate the products from Amazon to your aStore. There are 3 options, and the easiest one is the first one – “Add products by Amazon.com category”. Just search the category and add to your store. You can also add products one by one or add products from a pre-defined listmania.

1. Add Category

Step 2 – Customize the look and feel of the store, I suggest to make all the colors (headers, background, text, links etc.) the same as your blog’s theme colors.

2. Customize theme

Step 3 – Select where to put the category and search sidebar. I picked the left hand side option as it mimics the Amazon store (even though my blog used to have sidebar on the right).

3. Sidebar

Step 4 – Get the store link by clicking the second option – i.e. get the iframe code. Copy the iframe code to the notepad for the next step. The Amazon aStore part is finished.

4. Get link

Step 5 – Now, start up your WordPress blog engine, login to your administrator mode, add a new “Page”, not a new blog post. Instead of using Visual editor, use the HTML editor and copy the iframe statement there. Then in the Page Attributes box, select “No Sidebars” for the Template option. Save the draft and you can preview it. If it looks ok, publish the newly created Page. Wow!! Your eshop with all the Amazon products, payment gateway and delivery logistics is now online.

5. Create page

Step 6 – The very last step is simply to put up your eshop page to the navigation menu of the Thesis theme. Go to Thesis Site Options, in the Navigation Menu panel, turn on the newly created Page and you can edit the display text as well (in the example, I simply edited it to “Store”).

6. Site Options

That’s it … and here is my Amazon aStore in an hour !!

Update : Please note that WordPress.com does not allow embedding iframe in your website. So the above steps work for your self-hosting blog (i.e. download and install from WordPress.net) only.

Author: Michael Yung

Michael possessed over 30 years of experience in Information Technology with focuses on complex application development, database technologies and IT strategy. He also spent the last 20 years in Internet technology, eCommerce development / operations, web usability, computer security and Public Key Infrastructure technologies.

15 thoughts on “6 steps to set up an Amazon aStore in a WordPress blog with Thesis theme”

  1. Hi Michael,
    Thanks for the guidance it was extremely helpful and solved my problem. have you found the astore effective in generating revenue?


  2. Thanks! I have been online for hours trying to get this done… Everywhere else I was looking was having me do all this coding… And this was plain and simple. A+ for you!


  3. All very helpful post herein…However, if anybody is still having a hard time in putting your Amazon store in an iframe…Let me share my astore.php. Here it is:



    You obviously need to change the URL for your Amazon Store. If you wanna see mine, its at: http://www.allaboutcoffee.thoughtyoumayask.com/

    Also and to make it a little bit more fancy…you can also link your STORE just like how you do it with your regular ads/links in your blogs. By essentially defining the link and image URL. You may see how I did it in my blog (notice the one at the right sidebar at the upper part (My Hotta Store):


    Hope it helps…



  4. Dude, thank you..

    Just did this on my website, been looking for a way to monetize with amazon.. this is the perfect way..

    Just created a page for a store


  5. Love your clear, easy instructions but my store is not showing up after I save the draft and preview it. ? I did exactly as you said. Would you have any idea why? I have Thesis as well.

    thanks, stephanie


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