Web Idea: What The Duck

It’s not my own web idea, but the whattheduck.net illustrate one web idea that I found very interesting …

  • First the site, pretty much like a “new media”, is run by Aaron Johnson. This site hosts the Comic Strip “What the Duck” (a photographer), and you won’t find it in other traditional newspapers, magazines. In other words, the website is the only media that you can see the strips.
  • However, unlike other comic strip web sites, you can copy, download the strips to your site, blog, forum, newsletter etc. Royalty free, quite a breakthru model.
  • And somehow, each of the strips has no caption / title. Instead, viewers (i.e. site visitors) can send in their suggested caption of the strip as comments (This “tradition” began from strip #49). And Aaron will pick the best one (from his point of view) and apply to the strip. I think it’s a new and novel way to let the site vistors to participate in a comic strip.
  • Then, how Aaron make money ? You can buy all kinds of goods from this site, all with the “What the Duck” logo or theme – T-Shirts, baseball hats, clock, badge etc. etc.

The only complaint I have about this site is … mac.com is really slow.

Anyway, not bad, not bad … I hope you enjoy the strips and that good idea as much as I do.

Author: Michael Yung

Michael possessed over 30 years of experience in Information Technology with focuses on complex application development, database technologies and IT strategy. He also spent the last 20 years in Internet technology, eCommerce development / operations, web usability, computer security and Public Key Infrastructure technologies.

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