Kindle for iPhone from outside US

Yes, after getting the Kindle 2 and buying Kindle books from outside US, the logical next step is of course getting the Kindle for iPhone. As in my other blog posts, here are the steps:

  1. To prepare for it, you need a new email address (other than the one you registered to iTunes) from Gmail, Yahoo etc. In other words, don’t use an email address with a country suffix.
  2. Connect your iPhone, kick start the iTunes and sign out from the default email address (Apple ID) by clicking the email address button in the upper right corner of the iTunes.
  3. Go to iTunes Store homepage, scroll down to the bottom and then change the country to United States.
  4. Search for Kindle for iPhone in that US iTunes store, and click the “Get App” button.
  5. When you see the sign in screen, do not sign in. Instead click “Create New Account”.
  6. Register as usual but in the Payment Method Page, click “none” as the method … that means you can download free application only in the future, but it avoids the issue of getting an US based credit card. (I suppose the Paypal will work as well, but I have not tested it).
  7. Then enter the US Address and phone number that generated before.
  8. That’s it !! You created a iTunes new account with your email as the new Apple ID !!
  9. Make sure you click the link in the iTunes Store Account Verification email to activate your account.
  10. Now you should be able to download the Kindle for iPhone application and synchronize to your iPhone.
  11. Run the application in your iPhone and enter your Amazon account information. And you shall see the Kindle eBook you bought before !!

Note : Since there is no Whispernet here, therefore the Whispernync may not work. In other words, you may not able to switch back and forth between your Kindle and your Kindle for iPhone, and each will keep track of where you’ve stopped reading. But you can download the books from your Amazon archive and read it in iPhone. Enjoy !!

Update 1 : In step 7, I reckon since you don’t need a real physical address to ship anything, so may be all you need is to get any US address and corresponding phone number … even the White House address shall work. Just a thought.

Here is the proof : The books I bought so far …

Kindle for iPhone

Author: Michael Yung

Michael possessed over 30 years of experience in Information Technology with focuses on complex application development, database technologies and IT strategy. He also spent the last 20 years in Internet technology, eCommerce development / operations, web usability, computer security and Public Key Infrastructure technologies.

15 thoughts on “Kindle for iPhone from outside US”

  1. Thanks Mike! One more additional step (for Mac apparently) before #10 : authorise the new apple account to the computer, otherwise iTunes doesn’t sync the apps to the ipod. Now I’ve installed Google, Yahoo and Kindle to my iPod Touch! Yay !


  2. Well, it seems that this won’t work in France. I don’t get the option to click “none” and if I enter my visa card number, it is recognized as not being a US card. But thanks for all the info.


  3. I finally managed to get the app to my iPhone, but now even though I got a preview of a book onto my iPhone kindle app, I can’t seem to be able to buy anything. It doesn’t like my visa card although I do have a US address


    1. Hi Claude,

      Glad that you have it sorted out. In my case, I bought my books for my Kindle, and then my iPhone will be able to download those as well. For your case, is the US address tired to your Visa card ? If not, it may not work as the Visa card payment gateway will still check the location of the issuing bank. So if you don’t have AMEX card (which may not check the US address requirements), you may need to use the Amazon gift coupon approach.

      Hope it helps.


  4. I’m a bit late coming back here, but the idea was to NOT give a credit card number… and it eventually worked.
    Anyway, meant to say thanks for all the help. This morning I followed your instructions to download this week’s Newsweek’s issue to my Kindle.


  5. This doesn’t work anymore. I use to download and buy books or samples on to my iPhone but since this week it gives me an error message saying I should change my country. Guess they can trace your internet server or something now 😦


    1. Hi Jolande,

      Sorry to hear that. But as mentioned in my other blog post (update #5), I managed to buy books successfully using proxy server – even Amazon applied the country / location check. And then I also successfully downloaded it to my iPhone. Soooo … you may want to try again ?

      Hope it helps.


  6. I too seem to have the same problem of getting a valid US account. There isn’t the NONE option for the charging option anymore. I don’t have a US visa card number either.

    Do you have any idea how to get around it?

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Bets,

      Sorry to know that but since I have already my US account created, I cannot go thru the process again to see whether the “None” option is gone … may be we need the other visitor Claude to help you.


  7. Hi Michael,

    I live outside the US but have both kindle for iphone and US Kindle. I came across same problems buying books outside US when Amazon asked me to change location. I tried the Hotspot shield and it works. I recently bought some books using Kindle for iphone with no problem and I then download the books to my US kindle via USB. This could be another work-around the ip issue. What do you think.



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